Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walk cycle- music vid

hey guys heres a sample of a bit from my music video. Please critique walk cycle :D


  1. Hey Sarah,

    I'm liking this new-found collage style you have going here!

    As for the walk, maybe she could have more bounce in her up position..? Then you could make her hair and hat kinda flop about (like Loud Sarah's witch from last year).

    This style is really cool!

  2. Hey Sarah,

    I think this looks awesome and arty! I know it's probably a lil ironic or offensive for a dirty 1st year to be critiquing or advising a talented 2nd year yoda animator, however I think the design is very good. I would suggest to improve the animation, simply that the character walk could be more appealing through an animation of it's body like stretch and squash or a bounce as Corey suggested, and I think the timing and speed of the walk could be adjusted and speed up just a bit and then it would be awesome ly arty, and I like the look of the walk and the hair bounce for the animation and artwork look is very appealing and it looks good! :)

  3. Hi Sarah

    Nice design. The bag could move a bit to complement the walk. Currently the line of action in the general pose is contradictory to the height of the foot lift. Ife the character is happy and high stepping they would be standing straighter. If the character is not so happy, then the feet would drag lower through the arc, not lifting so high from the ground.

    Zade has a good point about the timing. If the character is happy, the cycle would be faster (24fr per 2 steps at 24fps, maybe?). If they are sadder, then the timing would be slower, e.g. 32fr per 2 steps at 24fps is worth a line test with a stick figure ruff animation.

    Great to see you posted it up for critiques.